Daily Prompt: Perspective

Write about the last disagreement you had with a friend or family member – – from their perspective.


I am pretty sure I already wrote an entry on this topic but apparently it wasn’t published maybe my battery died or my internet connection failed when I did and it was saved as a draft.  However, I am under time pressure and I don’t want to go and find it anymore.  I miss writing. I haven’t written in a very long while.  Things were super busy for these past two weeks because we had review and exam weeks.  I had to finish marking papers, recording scores on Engrade, and preparing exam papers.  It was tiring! 

Anyway, going back to the prompt…

The last disagreement I had was with my sister a couple of weeks ago.  I wanted her to accompany me in fetching distilled water from the water machine just outside our apartment. It was late and I didn’t want to go alone. However, she didn’t want to help me because she didn’t take a shower that morning and she didn’t have any plans in making herself presentable.  She said I could just go on  my own (to which she is right by the way).  I gave her time to reconsider but nothing happened.  I ended up telling her that she should have fetched water since she was home all day. I regret what I said and did though.:-(


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