Daily Prompt: Playlist of the Week

Tell us how your week went by putting together a playlist of five songs that represent it.

Oh sweet! A playlist to describe my week? Sure. 


Sunday- Canon in D

Nothing beats spending a Sunday on the beach! I had so much fun with my college friends and their kids. I got to wear my new pair of swimsuit and played in the water under the heat of the sun. 🙂 Most of all, I was able to play cello (I brought it for church :D) in front of the beach. Terrific! We went for ice cream in the afternoon, talked all night, and left early for work. 

Monday- The Lazy Song

I went straight to work after a relaxing weekend by the beach. 🙂 Tired and sleepy.

Tuesday- I Will Survive

We have visitors here at school this week. It’s a busier week but I am on fire to work. 😀

Wednesday- I’m Sorry

How did I miss the announcement about 11CD classes hosting a Chapel Period today? I totally did not pay attention on the yellow papers given last week and this week because I missed it! I like preparing programs. I’ve been a program coordinator for this and that and planning a Chapel Period for high school is just a piece of cake. BUT…Oh, well. I hope there would be another time for us to prepare a program. Anyway, I had fun with my classes today because we had Ice Breakers before the Impromptu Speaking and News Casting competitions.  We also had Pictionary during the Homeroom Time. Yeeha!

Praise God for this wonderful day! 

Also, it’s a friend’s birthday and so I went to the cafeteria during lunch time and asked students to write notes for her. 🙂 I hope she likes what we gave her.



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