Daily Prompt: Comfort Zone

What are you more comfortable with — routine and planning, or laissez-faire spontaneity?

When I was younger, I’d go for spontaneity. However, now that I am older I am all for planning. I don’t want to say routine because I am tired of following the same schedule every single day.  I need something new. That is why when friends invite to go eat outside or do something my answer is always YES.  

When it comes to work and church responsibilities, I like careful planning. Things have to be planned when it involves a lot of people.  But when it comes to my personal life, spontaneity is good. 🙂

So, which is which? You decide. 🙂 


I’m off anyway. This is the first time in many days that I am going home at 3pm. Yeehaa! I am excited to go home and rearrange my furniture and give my home a fresh, new look. God bless! TTYL.


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