Daily Prompt: Competition

What activity, task, or game most brings out your competitive streak?

Hahaha! Can I say everything? Well, honestly, I used to be a very competitive person.  Perhaps it’s because since I was a little girl my family expected a lot from me.  Their standards were so high that I had to be the best in everything at school and even at church but those standards eventually wearied me down when I grew older.  There were times I lost in studies.  Seriously.  I wanted to quit.  I was tired.  There was no time to relax.  All I did was study, study, and study.  I even did advanced studies! 

There’s competition everywhere.  There’s a great competition even at work.  But because of the series of sermons I’ve heard, Bible studies I did, and experiences I came across I realized that there’s no point in competing.  If I must compete that is to compete with myself.  



Whenever I compete with myself, I don’t get hurt.  I don’t hold any grudge against myself instead I try to disciple myself more.  God has been very kind and forgiving for every time I fall He’s always ready to pick me up. 


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