Daily Prompt: Odd Couple

Does a messy home (or office) make you anxious and cranky, or is cleaning something you just do before company comes over?


“Well, well, well, look what do we have here? Seriously? Why do people tend to just leave their food wraps or water bottles in this classroom? Class, please help me clean this room.  Also, please help me arrange the chairs.  ” This is my normal line whenever I see my classroom messy.  I don’t like messy places.  I have OCD.  I can’t think properly when a place is unclean or disorganized. It’d drive me nuts.  That’s why before I do anything, I make sure that the place is clean.  Before I leave my place for school or vacation, I clean.  Before I go to bed, I clean.  There’s no place like a clean place.  What if Jesus comes and my place is found dirty and messy? What if sudden visitors come and I am not ready? What if I arrived home tired and moody and place is dirty? Sigh. So many what if’s.  But really…Ellen G. White is right when she said, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.” God does not thrive in dirty places.  He cannot thrive in filthy hearts.  For Him to enter in our lives, our places/hearts must be clean.  When our hearts are clean, our minds are clean.  When our minds are clean, then whatever we do is for His glory.

So, to answer your question, a messy home/office/school makes me anxious or cranky.

Also, when my things are cluttered, then my thoughts are also cluttered. 😦 I can’t deal with that.


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