The Dolphin: My Second Mosaic Attempt


After work I ended up getting my new sets of meds because last week’s were accidentally exposed to sunlight due to island hopping. My friends from work agreed to come with me since I told them I was buying dinner. After the hospital visit (to which the cardio was actually very good-looking) we went to an outdoor restaurant. It was very Thai-ish because we had to sit on the floor while enjoying a supersized grilled fish with noodles, vegetables, papaya salad, and rice. Yes, we had to eat rice for energy. LOL. Then for dessert we went to Big C Extra where I was able to talk to the manager of SE-ED bookstore regarding my students’ little fieldtrip to the said bookstore. I got my sister a dress, donuts from Mr. Donut, and DQ chocolate extreme as bring home.:) She was very pleased to receive them.:) Thanks Lord for the blessing of family and friends!

Oh, we made a quick stop at The Mall Bangkapi for my friends to deposit money and I was able to buy two mosaic sets.:) They are both for kids but I enjoyed doing them. I will get new sets on Sunday maybe as Monday nights will be my Mosaic Night. I want to do scrapbooking but I need to edit some photos and choose which ones worth saving.:)

Oh well, it’s been a realky great day and I’m off to the shower room. I am tired and sleepy. 🙂

Buonanotte! God bless!


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