Surprisingly Productive Monday

I am super tired! All I want to do is to take a quick shower, read my Bible and pray, then go to bed.  I have been walking around shopping malls for two days looking for that “perfect” dress for our group at church.  Yesterday, I went with Vish and today I went with Ate Delle. Tonight we were able to find some possible dresses but the guy in charge of the shop has to check if they have stock.  We exchange contact numbers.  I pray that he’ll call me ASAP and I hope that the girls will be able to decide which one they like.  

Today, I witnessed a miracle happen! My three precious students showed up! Yes, on a Monday.  They showed up ready for their presentation.  I was amazed! I couldn’t help but praise God for bringing these students to class.  After each presentation we had a quiz so there were three of them which means there were three quizzes and they never complained! I also made them write their journal entry and they happily obliged.  Wow! I can’t thank the Lord enough for a very productive day with those kids! I hope it will be like this every single day.  (Background story: They were absent for two consecutive Mondays, the first two Mondays this summer.  Imagine me waiting, praying, and hoping they’d come.  I waited for 8 hrs. but they never came.) Patience is indeed a virtue! See, they came today!

Oh, I was able to rearrange my furniture today! I started from 9 till 11-ishAM (while chatting and reading some pages of the Chicken Soup for the Soul for the Single’s Soul) and again this afternoon for an hour right after work.  I am so, so happy! I feel so accomplished.  

Well, I’d love to write more but I am really exhausted.  TTYL.


Dear Lord, thank you so much for a surprisingly productive Monday! In your name, I pray. Amen. 


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