MOTHERHOOD: The Story Behind the Photo

So, I got a photo on FB that is so trending right now.  I mean I just posted it 3 hours ago and lots of people have already liked it.  I am so overwhelmed by their support. 

Here’s the photo that I am talking about.



Meet Sofia

Sofia is a three-week old baby girl abandoned by her mother in a bathroom somewhere in Kanchanaburi Province.  A kindhearted individual found her and brought her to The Bamboo School in the said province.  


I had the privilege of visiting the said school a couple of years back when I was visiting Thailand while still working as a missionary in South Korea.  I am at a loss for words for the hard work and dedication Momocat (in-charge of the school) and her volunteers.  Their passion, determination, and drive to take care of God’s precious little ones is truly commendable.  The children there are cheerful, respectful, diligent, and dependable.  They do their homework right after school.  Then they help out in the kitchen or go to the river to wash and do their laundry. Then afterwards they play with their friends before eating dinner then have worship and then go to bed.  Early in the morning they wake up for worship, get ready for school, eat, and then leave.  A volunteer drives them to schools nearby in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon.  Oh, I love weekends there! The entire campus is filled with music and the Word of God.  They have worship services in the morning and in the afternoon they join  a nearby church for Adventist Youth program.  On Sundays, they have something like a work program where children are assigned to do this and that and when all the tasks/chores are done then they can relax and play with their friends then do their homework or projects.  I enjoyed my few days of stay there.  It was like a little heaven on earth experience for me.  Momocat’s team is definitely doing an excellent job taking care of these children.  I actually hope to support at least one of the kids one day.  (If you wish to find out more about this school you can click on this link:


Anyway, going back to Sofia.  So, her mom left her after giving birth to her.  She has a problem with her right eye that’s why she was brought here to Bangkok today.  She needed to see a doctor at Mission Hospital.  There’s some kind of cataract, I think.  My heart goes out to her.  Holding her in my arms made me want to adopt her.  I wish I could. But it’s not possible because according to the law of the land you can only adopt a child after getting a consent from either of the parents or nearest kin.  How do I know her parents anyway? I know it’s huge responsibility but I’d like to be a mom, too, someday.


 I like what Lin Yutang said,

“Of all the rights of women, the greatest is to be a mother.” 

It would be nice to become a mom…(Ha! I am tempted to write about my hopes and dreams on this department but I’d rather keep them to myself and stop here now.  Besides, it’s already late.) However, let me end this post tonight by writing letters to:


Excellent job! Carrying life in your womb for nine months is unimaginable but you did it! Rearing children, providing their needs, instilling good values, praying for them day and night, treating them with all delicateness and making sure that neither a fly nor an ant touches their skin, wondering where they are when it’s already late and they’re not home yet, etc. are just among the many motherly things you do.  How do you do it anyway? How can you do all these while taking care of your husbands and their families too? How can you finish all chores and still look presentable and arrive on time at work? Oh dear mothers, I salute you! Words are never enough to tell you how much we appreciate your efforts in helping us, the children, be the best people that we can be.  As for those who took care/taking care of children not their own, you have my full respect and admiration.  (My aunt stood/is still standing beside me today as my second mom.  I love her so much. She’s not only an aunt but a mother and a confidante at the same time.)  Thank you so much for everything! We will always be indebted to you! Praise the Lord for people like you! We love you!


Know that God will take care of you.  He will never abandon you.  We are here for you! I know God has a reason why we met. 🙂 You’ll be fine.  You have us baby!^_^ God bless! I pray that you will grow like Jesus as recorded in Luke 2:52, “And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man”


I’m really sleepy. I’ll just try to polish this tomorrow. 🙂 Exhausted much.:-(



One thought on “MOTHERHOOD: The Story Behind the Photo

  1. A true depiction of “little heaven on earth” through your kind gesture. At least on the human front , mother’s love is on the top of the list- yes, as in this case of baby Sofia, she is left- abandoned(probably by her mother); yet i’m optimistic that she will be loved and cared. Praying for her. Keep sharing; and keep inspiring the dying and wavering-inner voice of human conscious.

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