Gift of Music


Praise God for this gift of music!

For these past couple of months, the ensemble at church wasn’t able to sit down and practice because of conflicts in schedule.  Some of us are church officers who have to attend church board meetings.  Some are in the church choir or in the angklung group.  We just don’t have time to practice.  However,  something good happened.  The church service ended early so I took it upon myself to announce that the  ensemble will have a practice.  We practiced some songs like:

Living for Jesus

Abide with Me

Ode to Joy

Washed in the Blood

All in four parts.  I played the bass part of course but there were times that I had to play the soprano part when playing unison with the rest.  It was really fun! I had a great time.  Every fourth Sabbath we’ll be rendering the special music at church during the Sabbath School and the Divine Worship so that is a pretty big deal.  Our God deserves nothing but the best.  A friend once told me that God is not a mediocre God.  He deserves our best.  She’s totally right! In speaking, one can correct what he/she said.  In writing, one can edit his/her work.  But in singing and playing instruments, once you sang or for me, pressed the wrong note that’s it.  Perfection is the goal here and it’s only achieved with lots of correct practice, patience, and prayer! It also takes a lot of dedication and time.  That’s why today I rearranged again my furniture to give myself extra space for practice.  I wish I could just sit on my bed and play music like my flutist friend.  Unfortunately for me, I have to sit on a proper chair with the stopper inserted under the chair.  I also need quite a space for bowing and everything. Well, beginning tonight most of my waking time will be spent in playing cello, reading books, and writing blogs.  How does that sound? It’s all for the glory of God.  I will try to do my household chores more diligently this time esp.the laundry.  I don’t enjoy folding clothes so I might as well just wash everyday or every two days so I won’t have to worry about folding tons of clothes.  What do you think?


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