Somewhere Out There

For some reasons, I woke up really happy today.  I slept so soundly despite of two bad dreams and a couple of waking ups to pee, drink, and check messages. 🙂 I may not admit it too often but I like sweet nothings.  What can I do? I’m a girl. 🙂 Okay, I know some of you feel like you’re not but whose heart does not flatter when you get a smile or a “good morning” or perhaps a “hi” from someone you like? Lalalalalala…Ughh, what happened to my brain? I cannot seem to write a sensible post.  My heart is just overflowing with joy that I can’t focus.  Oh no, this is pretty bad.  Hahaha.

Anyway, I wish the sky was clearer tonight so I can look at the stars and think of *him*. But I guess the big streetlights will do.  In fact, there is one big yellow streetlight located right straight to where I am currently sitting.  I know it doesn’t look romantic and all but hey it’s the best replacement for the hiding stars. 🙂 I don’t even need stars just to think of  him.  Need I elaborate? Nope, not elaborating.

Well, it’s few minutes before midnight.  I better go.  I don’t actually want to lie down and sleep because of my newly colored and cut hair.  Nevertheless, I have to.  Sleeping in a sitting position doesn’t sound ideal to me.

Good mornight!^^

Here’s a special treat for you:


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