Am I a Rapper?

“Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah…”

It’s eight minutes before the clock hits 10p.m. and my body is already tired.  it’s been wanting to go and rest since the time I got home but my mind is still fully awake.  Wait a minute.  Maybe it’s the other way around.  I don’t know.  Now, I am confused.  All I know is that I need to rest now.  My eyes are drooping but I still need to go and take a quick shower.

Anyway, moving on to my current dilemma.   I talk fast.  I talk faster when I get excited. I talk faster when I get bored. But I really, really talk fast when I just want to get out of “unwanted” conversations. 🙂 Ughh, this has to change.  I’ve been trying to talk softly and slowly so people around me can understand me better.  When I am too happy, I tend to talk really fast that I mumble and eat words. Embarrassing.

At school, I am known for being the “rapper.” Students think I rap even when I pray. Ouch!:-( One day, a student asked me, “Miss Shiela, are you a rapper?” I paused for a moment and scanned my brain of any instance that I rapped.  Then I remembered Justin Bieber’s song called, Baby.  Well, that’s the only song that I used to sing with a “rap” part on it.  Instead of saying anything about that question, I just smiled sweetly and prayed with them–softly and slowly.  After the amen, they all laughed and begged me to just speak “normally.” Apparently, they’ve gotten used to my way of speaking  and the-always-excited-loud-aggressive-tone suits my personality best.  I don’t know.  Even discussing a new topic or introducing a new set of vocabulary words already excite me.  How much more speaking about something or participating in AY activities at church? Haha! Figure that out!

Well, I can see myself teaching even when I am old and gray and I think it’s best if I start taking care of my vocal chords. Right?

From now on, I will speak SOFTLY, SLOWLY, and CLEARLY.  Therefore, friends, students, colleagues, if you hear me speaking the other way around again please don’t hesitate to tap and remind me to slow down.  God has given me this gift of speech.  I need to take better care of this gift for His glory.

In conclusion, am I a rapper? NO, I AM NOT. 🙂


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