I Want a Son :-)

It’s writing time again! 🙂

Today I joined the wikiHow community and I had a lot of fun! It was a bit brain-draining though.  Hahaha.  I published one article and helped edit seven articles.  Man, it was my first time to read and edit articles pertaining to video games.  There was one that mentioned Thurgo.  I don’t even know Thurgo is.  Doing this brings back some good old memories from graduate school.  On my spare time, which I had a lot by the way especially on my first year, I got busy with Yahoo Answers that I even continued it when I went to South Korea.  It was  lot of fun, too.  Every single time I’d close http://answers.yahoo.com/, I’d feel an inch smarter and that’s what I exactly felt today upon reading and editing articles.  Of course, http://www.google.co.th/?gws_rd=cr was a lot of help! Well, I was thinking of doing Yahoo Answers again but the problem is I can’t remember my password in Yahoo.  😦

Anyway, I spent the entire evening at a friend’s house.  Yes, even if I was super tired and sleepy I chose to visit Sam and his family.  I played with him, watched movies with them, and supped with them! It was a beautiful evening.  I was able to have some romantic time with Bullet.  Oh, how he enjoyed my scratching on his neck.  He was super sweet! Now, I am missing my dearest Zia again.  Whether I get married or not, I’d definitely get some pets and a house with a garden, by hook or by crook.  LOL.  IF and only IF I don’t get married, I’d definitely adopt a child.  I want a son. 🙂 I’ve been observing Joane and Sam and super like what they have.  I know parenting is very challenging but I want to try it.  My parents did their best in raising me.  A lot of families around me and even friends that I know try their best in raising their children.  I can see how tough it is.  But it would be a great honor for me to raise God’s child.  I know it would take so much blood, sweat, tears, and TONS OF PRAYERS to raise one but God is always there.  He’ll help me, too. 🙂  But these all depends on God’s will.  IF He sees me fit to become a wife and a parent, then that would be really awesome.  


Well, I better go and continue praying.  I’m off to bed. 🙂 I really have to start sleeping early, seriously. God bless ya all! xoxo


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