Moral Lessons

Lessons in Life:

1. If you don’t have anything good to say, keep quiet.

2. Some people will always try to discourage you and pull you down, rise above them.

3. Always take the higher ground in any situation or issue you are in.

4. We are here to serve and please God and not our fellowmen.

5. Some people will always have something to say about you. If they are hurtful, ignore them. If they are encouraging, thank them.

6. We should be in the service of building each other up and not tearing down. [paraphrased]

7. If you have any issue with anyone, talk to him/her. Talking about it to other people won’t help solve the problem and it’s what we call “gossiping” and it’s bad. (Learned my lesson)

8. Jesus was mocked, despised, ridiculed, etc. but He survived them all. He rose above them. How did he do it? He devoted more time praying with the Father thus receiving power to endure and overcome all the trials and temptations that went His way.

Let us all love one another. Pray for each other.


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