A Little Act of Kindness

It was almost seven o’clock when we left Bangkok Adventist Hospital. My friend and I arrived there at 5:10pm. I was twenty minutes earlier than my scheduled appointment. I was so glad that after months of waiting for this particular doctor I finally got to meet him! Praise the Lord! I have heard so much about him that my friends wanted to meet him (and I actually told him all those beautiful things that my friends and colleagues said about him). He gave me around 50 minutes of his time–so accomodating. He explained everything I wanted to know. He was indeed very nice.:) After signing some forms at the cashier and getting meds from the pharmacy, we went to the hospital’s store then decided to have supper at the caf where I ordered vegetarian fish fried rice. It was something I never had before. I devoured it as soon as the plate landed on my table. It was delicious!:) So, we wanted to go home by bus, okay? While looking for a bus stop, I asked my friend if she wanted to take a cab instead and she agreed. I was so pleased but then I remembered about that taxi incident with the American guy who refused to pay 55 baht that cost his life. I prayed earnestly for God to send us a kind cab driver and he did! The hospital’s back gate guards helped us get a cab after seeing us desperately wait for a cab across the hospital. So kind of them! In my broken Thai, I told the driver where we were going to. (We were still outside, okay? Normally they’d roll down the window but he didn’t.) Prayerfully, I reiterated our destination and he just repeated what I said and drove off. Instead of making a U-Turn where I thought we were supposed to make a turn going home, he just went on and drove. I paid attention to his driving and the streets where we were passing by. When suddenly he stopped and I saw lights everywhere. I was surprised to see them! That sight reminded me of Korea. They decorate their streets with lights during Christmas season. I kept my focus on the lights now. I was mesmerized that I had to ask the driver if I could roll down the window and he…


…pressed something that made it possible for me to take this photo. Praise the Lord!

It was a very smooth ride home that despite the Thai vs Liverpool friendly match we were home in 30 mins. or less. We arrived home–safely. He even gave me 3 baht discount from the fare. Sweeet, right?

Well, this princess here is off to bed. It’s almost midnight. God bless!


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