Where did all the good men go?

It’s 22:44p.m. but in reality it’s 22:34p.m. here in BKK.:) I had to set the time ten minutes advanced because our clock in/out machine at school has a time of its own.:) Oh and not to mention the clock at the library, too. No one wants to be late to work, you know.:)

So, I was talking to a friend earlier and I couldn’t help but ask, “Where did all the good men go?” With the escalating rate of divorce, legal separation, and annulments, the rate of single parents esp. moms have escalated too! This is a sad fact that no one can deny.:( How do we keep families intact or marriges successful? I used to believe that only kids suffer when parents split up but I was wrong. Even parents do! I saw how difficult it was for my mom to accept the reality that the man she gave up her career for, the man she gave her wholeheartedly, the man she decided to build a home with, the man she entered into a holy covenant with, walked out of her life and her children’s life. It was devastating! I felt her pai and with that I vowed to myself that I will be utterly careful in choosing a mate, a partner for life. But, who knows the real intentions of men for “the heart is deceitful above all things”?

So, what happened to all the good men? Well, married. I guess.:) Others might have chosen not to get married. As for those who turned to the other path, I have no comment.:)

Relationship is a two-way street. However, if you’re a believer of God then you might agree with me that it’s a three-way street.:) God should be in the relationship. He should be the center of it. Are you familiar with the children song, “When God is in the family love is always there”? Yes, when we let Jesus abide in us, He will also abide in us and that we can feel His love abounding in our hearts that the only way we want to deal or treat people is with love. I am not saying that my parents did not lovr each other. I think they should have knelt down in prayer and asked God to bless their union–together. A lot of times we tend to run away from issues, relationships, work, etc. When the going gets tough, we go. Instead of facing the problem, we go. Oh, how easy it is for us to just leave all the problems behind instead of confronting them. What happened then when the same problem occured again? We run again? Haha. Not so funny. “There’s no problem too big God cannot solve it,” according to a song and the Bible also said, “God will not give you any trials you can’t bear.” So please people, MAN UP!

Women, let the men do their jobs and stop trying to solve everything on your own. Couples, talk and spend time together in prayer and meditation on God’s word. He is the core of your relationship. Singles, keep praying.:)

I so want to write more but I must go to bed now despite of the disturbing thunders and lightnings.:-(



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