Nostalgic Tuesday

Despite of the endless noise coming from vehicles passing by our street, the random roaring thunders, and the pouring rain, it still feels very quiet. I know I should’ve been in bed an hour ago but I just sat still in front of the computer doing literally nothing. This rainy season is making me miss home more. I miss the evening chats I had with my mom and aunt. I miss family worships. I miss my lola’s cooking. I miss bantering with my siblings. I miss rainy days at home when I can just curl on my bed, cuddle a pillow with a good book in hand and my mom or aunt or grandma would just call me to eat or sometimes deliver some snacks. I soooo feel loved and pampered. It’s actually nice being cared for once in a while–at least.:)

Well, my lullaby (a playlist of 12 hymns played on the piano that I listen to from 9-ish till I wake up…it just repeats on and on:D) is playing and I think it’s just playing the fourth song and I’m already very sleepy. My eyes are literally drooping. Sigh. Nothing beats the sound of hymns played softly on the piano!



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