Computerized Thursday Entry :-)

This is the first time in weeks that I am actually sitting in front of computer typing my thoughts as my journal entry for the day.  Most of the time, I’d just be googling for a photo and post it online or sometimes collate photos and post them as my journal entry for that day with a line or two caption.  That’s it.  So what happened to me? What happened to all my brilliant thoughts and ideas? Haha.  They’re in dormancy. LOL.  My students diaries have taken most of time.  I have fifty students who write their diaries once a week.  I read them and check them.  I just can’t return them with a signature.  I have to make sure that they’re well-edited so they will know where they fell short on–grammar wise.  Besides, I cannot NOT make a comment, right?:-) What comments do I write? Of course there are the given “Well done!” or “Great job!” or “Please write more…” But I also add something like, “Yes, me too! I like to read books and go to the beach to unwind.”:-) There are even students who ask me questions at the bottom of their entries. It’s been really fun.  However, there are days that you’d rather look at the trees, touch the leaves, smell the flowers than correct sentences. 😦 What do you do? You’re on a deadline yourself.  Like today, my students submitted two entries for the week.  Let’s go back to the 55 then multiply it by 2 that’s how many entries I have to read.  I don’t only settle for five sentences and my students know that.  I want a full page entry of their notebooks at least with some doodles, photos, and other artworks.

Anyway, got interrupted by a phone call from a friend so later again? 🙂

God bless and good night! I pray that God will heal my sore throat as tomorrow is Friday which means that I have five classes to teach, a flag line-up to lead, and a speaking appointment on the evening worship. I need my voice. So help me God. Oh, I also hope that the weather gets better in other parts of the world especially in the Philippines and in other places where it’s harvest time.  But of course, God is in control.  If He’s keeping us safe, He is also keeping the crops and animals safe. 🙂 Praise God!

Well, this girl is off to dreamland.  Here’s my special music for the night:

Enjoy and God bless once again!


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