September 4: The Cute Cab Driver

Sawasdee kha! Anyeong haseyeo! Nihao ma! Hola! Kumusta! Hello!

We celebrated the International Day at school today. Students and teachers excitedly participated in the said event. There were colors everywhere–colors in flags, national costumes, famous landmarks, food, etc. related to the 30 countries represented. It was an easy day for me. My students were so relaxed. They helped one another and just did what they can. Well, in a homeroom with 80% boys what could you expect with decoration? No offense but they just went for simplicity.:) But when it came to cooking they cooked to satisfy their appetite 🙂 Oh, we represented Australia by the way. Of course, we had beef steak.:D

Anyway, after work I withdrew money on the way home because it’s bill’s week.:) I was actually confused what to do. I am not used to coming home really early as in talking about coming home at 3-ish p.m. when the sun is still up and shining and you can feel its scorching heat penetrating through your skin. I knew I needed to go do stuff but I resorted to reading an ebook instead. It’s called Personality, Mind, Character Vol. 1 by EG White. I read two chapters on the power of the mind and I learned that we should be able to control our minds and most diseases are actually imagined. Aww…Then I fell asleep. Heard heavy footsteps above me. Got a phone call inviting to hang out. I accepted. Hopped on a cab. Ate at Sizzlers. Before sending money to my bro, I realized that my atm card was missing. I thought I left it at home. But it’s not. I sought help from the issuing bank and was told to call the Call Center.:) Rushing from 555+ store, I hopped on a cab going home. BTW, I went to a post office first and send post cards before going to the stationary shop. I passed by Asiabooks wondering if I could hang out first while waiting for my friends who were watching a movie. But they went in late to the cinema so I decided to go home instead where a good-looking, chubby guy took me home. We communicated in broken Thai and English yet understood each other perfectly well. After 10 mins. ride I was home. Very quick! I wish I could see him again. (Elaboration? Tom.)

Really sleepy here. Nytie and God bless!







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