September 12: Thanks Lord for Friends

Missed a post last night!:-(

Happy birthday, Jonna!

These past couple of days, I’ve been waking up really early as in 3:30am daily. I don’t know why. That particular time I’d feel parched thus I’d get up to drink then pee and then sometimes walk to the balcony and appreciate the stillness of the night. I normally look up to the sky and admire the beauty of the moon, stars, and clouds. Then I go back to my bed, enjoy a quiet time of communion with my God in prayer and Bible reading. Around 4-ish I’d be reading a chapter from the Adventist Home then go back to sleep and wake up when my alarm rings at 5:50am, ignore it, then wake up at 6:20am, pray, read the Bible, and do the rituals before dashing to work.

This week I had the chance of hanging out with friends more. We cook food together. We exercise (bellydancing and cardio kongfu) together. We take a walk together. We shop together. We admire fishes in a pet shop together. We pray together. It’s been fun!

The week is about to end and my birthday is fast approaching. I have so many things lined-up for this month and I pray that everything will fall into its right place by God’s grace.

Gotta sign off now but I am leaving you with a prayer that God will continue to keep us all safe, happy, and healthy while waiting for his soon return and also with a photo of me and my ex-students who came for a visit and an interview. I am on my comfiest attire.:) It’s library time.

Anyhow, nytie and God bless!



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