September 15: The Aftermath

I was hyperactive yesterday that today I
reaping the fruits of my “hyperactiveness.” This and that hurt but I can’t really complain because everything was for God and was successful. I can’t stop singing praises to God for all His help yesterday and today.

I also survived the acne crisis yesterday. I was so embarassed about it but praise God for super kind and encouraging people. Thanks for understanding! Now, the crisis is under control and tomorrow I will enter my second week of Reality of Me: Unmasked.:) In other words, no make-up again. Not even concealer. It’s the bare me.:) I got my wish. I was hoping a day would come that I won’t have to paint my face anymore and just accept how I look and God led me to it and He’s continually giving me courage to face people “barely.” I will be fine. I just need some time to get used to this.

Anyway, I hope the photo walk went well. I had to leave early because my body’s too tired.

I met a high school classmate with his parents unexpectedly today. It was nostalgic. It made me miss my old chums.

Project 201: Just Because There’s No Time to Play continues. It’s almost done.:) So fun wrapping gifts!

Haha so much for coherence and elaboration in this entry. TTYL.

God bless!



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