September 16: Oozing with Love

Praise God for helping me survive the day! I went to work with liquid (suspension) powder on my face and never did I hear anyone say any discouraging words about it. Out of the hundred and hundreds of students only one student dared ask and she asked in a loving way. After 24 months, I have grown accustomed to the school family that I actually feel accepted and loved. Yes, there may be challenges along the way, but hey, they are but spices meant to make life more meaningful.

The 29th birthday celebration officially started tonight. I am a Seventh-day Adventist therefore I believe that my birthday begins from sunset to sunset just like Sabbath except that the latter is holy.:)

After a long conversation with a dear student/friend (ex-student) I was convinced to prepare at least something for this special occasion. I was willing to let this slide but yeah, I was convinced. So, I went grocery shopping and got some stuff. I cooked for my friends and had dinner together. It was fun! We even ended up exercising after the meal. 🙂 I also cooked some for my kiddos tomorrow and I hope they’ll like ’em.

What do I do tom? That I haven’t planned yet. Let’s see. Why don’t I sleep on it first?

Anyway, I am feeling so loved.


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