Bullet-ed Sunday :)

Highlights of the Day:
1. Woke up @ my regular waking time even if it’s Sunday
2. Was at BAH from 8:30am-12:30pm and met three doctors (Wow!)
3. Shopped till you drop @ Pratunam with sissy, Janice, & Ma’am Irene (old colleague from AUP)
4. Surprisingly met Dr. Balila & wife (old mentors & colleagues from AUP) @ Platinum. It’s indeed a small world after all.
5. Reunion with Naga Viewers Doc Abraham Racca & Doc Myrtle Orbon. I am so proud of these kids. Praise God for their chosen field of careers. Thanks Ambe for bringing them here.
6. Foodies from Sam’s birthday. Thanks much! Our gift is on the way.;) God bless you more!
7. Overcoming temptation / Taking the higher ground. I was so close to losing my patience with one of the nurses at the hospital. I thought nurses are supposed to be nice to people. I was just even asking a question. Sigh. Thank you Lord for helping me keep my cool. You are truly great!

Well, good night folks. This beauty is off to dreamland. God bless!


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