Babbling at 3am

It’s three a.m.
It’s only three and I am up again.

Is my mind busy thinking of something? No.
Is my mind busy thinking of someone?
Then what awoke me?
I don’t know.

It’s been twenty-minutes since I woke up.
I already drank water, did breathing exercise, use the bathroom, read Zephaniah 2 and Psalm 23, and prayed with my sister (Yes, I woke her up.:)

Now, I am listening to this gospel hymns piano instrumental by Dr. Heidi Cerna. I just put on green (left) and blue (right) socks hoping they’d warm my feet. Then I took them off to rub on some body cream and put the socks back on again.

I did everything that I can to help me fall back to sleep because I am sure I will get a headache in a couple of hours when I wake up.

Why am I babbling here again? Well, I am trying to sleep.:) Yes, I hope typing here will make me tired then I can sleep. But I am still typing so…

I think IT’s coming…Praise the Lord!

God bless! zzzzZzzZzz


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