A Time to Pray

Yesterday, it was three.
Today, it’s four.
Well, isn’t it great? An hour later?

You might be wondering what is the “it” on the first three sentences about, right? Actually, I am talking about the time I woke up today. God in all His mercy woke me up at four today. Yay! I like waking up at four instead at three or worst, two. Four a.m. is a perfect time to pray. It’s not too early. It’s just a couple of hours before the day breaks yet it’s still so peaceful. In my neighborhood, it’s the time where everybody is quiet. No cars or motorcycle passing by. No dogs barking. No one cleaning the car or sweeping the street. It is just quiet. I like going to the balcony to look at the street and the houses or apartments nearby wondering if some people are already up. There are some people who like to keep their lights on from evening till morning. There are some who uses the TV as their source of light.:)

In a couple of minutes, the tolling of bells at the nearby temple will be heard signifying their time of prayer. If monks wake up early to pray, how about us–Christians? We are admonished in the Bible to find a quiet time to pray where nothing can distract us, where our sole focus lies on God’s love and mercy alone. According to the sermon I was listening to yesterday, It All Begins in Prayer available at audioverse.org, it is good to pray loud. Yes, most of the time we believe it’s better to just utter our prayers silently like praying in our hearts and minds alone. However, God also wants us to literally hear our voices as we pray. Ellen G. White in her book Steps to Christ states that “prayer is talking to God as to a friend.” Do we talk to our friends quietly? I don’t, do you?

Going back to sleep now.:) God bless!


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