Speculations & YOU


“Teacher, I heard you’re getting married soon. Is that true? Am I invited?” Plug, one of our RAIS alumni from last year, asked me yesterday when I bumped into him at Big C. I was shocked. Me, getting married soon? Wow! Who’s the blessed guy?

A lot of people from work and church are speculating that I am with someone now…because of weight loss.

To address this weight issue, I am not on diet or anything, OK? It’s probably cutting back from pasta and macaroni and ice cream and donuts and…(a lot of ands).

As for the getting married thing, yes, soon–in God’s time. I am happy. Despite of everything, I am still happy. I am learning to fully entrust everything unto God’s care. I am learning to let people into my life.:) I am learning to listen and to care. It’s a progress but I’ll get there. And I praise God for sending me wonderful people to help me be more patient, understanding, caring, loving, optimistic, and most of all, forgiving.:)

To someone ‘oozing-in-happiness-and-optimism,’ thank you for helping me see the light clearer.:) Somehow, I am able to understand now how or why you say things or act this way. Sarap mong titigan. Hahaha!

It’s 10p.m. Good night folks and God bless! I had a great Sabbath. Thank You, Lord!


One thought on “Speculations & YOU

  1. That’s awesome! Funny stuff 🙂 I really like that Dr. Suess stuff,mutual weirdness, haha! God bless!

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