God’s Goodness

It’s a quiet Monday morning and I am here sitting inside a van with some colleagues and students on the way to Korat for an outreach program. We are going to donate some stuff to flood victims in that area. I am still very sleepy because I went to bed at around 11pm and woke up at 5:34am. I thought I’d be able to sleep on the way but since we started traveling at 6-ish am I haven’t dozed–not even a bit. So many thoughts running in my mind, thoughts about my family and friends’ safety due to the typhoon Yolanda, thoughts about the future, thoughts about Dec. break, thoughts about him, and thoughts about God’s plan in my life.

I am a happily contented person. I have made peace with my past and have learned to let go of things beyond my control. However, there are still some things that I am working on and hopefully succeed in overcoming them. But overall, I am good. I can’t complain really. God has been sustaining me with all my needs and been providing me even my wants.:) Yes, I have been driving myself nuts cleaning my place over and over/moving the furniture around, washing my hands all the time, beating deadlines at work and for myself, and endless contemplation on things, but God has continually been there for me. This year I have learned to fully trust in Him–trust in all sense of the word. I have learned to live by faith in the past and I am continually living by faith now. I am happy with my job. I enjoy teaching my students, mingling with my colleagues, and researching more effective teaching strategies and fun icebreakers. I also like reading books with them. I am grateful for my church for giving me so much opportunities to serve God. Playing cello during church services is already a part of my being. Now, I also get to visit patients, visit homes, teach few English words and expressions to Thai kids, sing Thai songs at churches, etc. because of this group at church who warmly welcomed me. My family has constantly been there for me. They support me all the way. My brother is back to church and to school. Praise the Lord! My sister is getting prettier and prettier day by day and I am fine with it.:) I am, too.^^My mom and aunt have loving husbands. Everything is good by God’s grace. I have friends and they’re all good–happy and healthy. I also have special friends who check up on me almost everyday. I may not have a boyfriend but I have a dear friend who never fails to talk to me every single day and for that I am truly grateful. I have music and books to turn to. I may not be good in playing cello but I am thankful for those who appreciate my playing, so encouraging. I thank God for books that I wish I had more time to read.:) I am thankful for the surprising opportunities to serve God knocking at my door. In a couple of months I have to make another important decision and I am sure that God will lead me to where He wants me to be. Yes, I want to get married in a year or two hopefully but I won’t let that desire hinder me from going to places or doing things for God’s ministry. I still believe in Divine providence. So, yes, thank You Lord for all your goodness and mercy. Amen.


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