Help or Be Helped?

Sleep, where art thou?

Taking a nap in the afternoon is such a bad idea. It totally destroys my sleeping pattern. But what can I do? It was so peaceful this afternoon and my body needed some rest from a super fun weekend solely devoted for God’s children especially in Region 8. I slept for about three hours and I wanted to sleep more because I know that someone under the moonlight sky will stay awake for hours later on.:) Know who? ME.:)

Shiela on Haiyan

Facebook has been giving me updates about Haiyan typhoon since it struck Philippines and I truly appreciate those people who post / posted nothing but encouragements to the victims. Mabuhay po kayo! This calamity has brought people closer. I am amazed with overwhelming assistance coming from different parts of the globe. Praises be to God for these generous people.

It is indeed so reassuring to know that God never fails to remind us of His great and powerful love for us. Amidst life perplexities, He is always there for us. We can see His hands working through our friends and even strangers that I normally call “angels”. We can feel His love through our families and friends’ encouraging words, hugs, kisses, and prayers. This is probably why Jesus said in Matthew 6 to never worry. He’s got everything under control.

I almost succumbed to fears and worries a few days ago. I almost let negative thoughts wrap my entire being. Not hearing from your loved ones after a terrible disaster attacked your place can truly drive someone insane. But God in His mercy and grace keep assuring me with His words in Psalms that He’s taking care of them and I keep claiming His wonderful promises. At the same I got myself occupied cleaning–endlessly. Yes, cleaning is so therapeutic for me. For a week I cleaned day and night and went to bed only when I was too tired. After that week, I tried reading books–classic and self-help and embraced a new routine. This week, it’s all about ALTRUISM, baby. It’s time to take action especially that I heard my aunt’s voice yesterday for the first time after Yolanda’s tragic visit. Praise God my family’s safe. Of course, the antique is badly damaged but that doesn’t matter. Their safety is my priority. Thank You, Lord!

There are so many ways we can help the victims. I personally witnessed different fundraisers took place from church to school to a concert to a photoshoot.

The question is: Have you done your part?

If so, in behalf of the Filipinos, I’d like to thank you for your help.

If not…not yet, what are you waiting for? Join the fun in donating / raising funds to help the victims.

There is no great or small help, whatever it is, it is still help.

Let’s be altruistic, people of God!



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