Day 2: Letting Go (Already? Yap, Thanksgiving Day!)


Since today is Thanksgiving Day I decided to shake all the negativities I’ve been harboring for a little more than 24 hours.  I know too much thinking and feeling all mad and bad would do me no good so I decided to let go.  Good idea, right? How can I be stressed out with something I don’t need to be stressed out, anyway? If there is something that should stress me out then that should be work but no, I am good.  I am happy with my job.  I am always enthusiastic to teach and do everything related to teaching, preaching, counseling, singing, and even acting inside my classroom. 🙂 I am so full of energy, so why let something affect my vibrance? Good bye negative thoughts and feelings! I know this is God’s will.  This is the right thing to do.  

The sermon I listened to this morning at school opened my eyes to some realities of life.  I know I can be so naive at times, if not most of the times, so it’s really a blessing to hear something new especially something God-inspired that would help me a better person. 🙂 So, I fell into a ditch, so what? Get up and take a wash!^_^ I messed up in the special music performance at church? That’s alright, do better next time.  I mumbled and said the wrong word? Easy. Forget it happened 😀 and prepare better next time. I messed up a friendship? Hehehe. Apologize? 😀 See, there are so many things that we can do.  Life is all about staying calm, optimistic, and beautiful amidst all the challenges we face daily.  Sulking and wallowing forever won’t help.  You’ve got to rise and move on.  

(Deep breath) I am so happy tonight! I was able to get back on my exercise.  I really enjoy doing zumba workout with a touch of Waka-Waka dance.  Sweating do help me feel a whole lot better! Hopefully I can keep doing this daily. 🙂 So help me God. 

Tomorrow is Friday and I am excited to cook something sumptuous for our Vesper worship at the pastor’s house.  Hmmm…It has been a while since I brought something I personally cooked so I might as well focus in cooking this time.  

Anyway, I got to go.  It’s 9:08p.m. I better go to bed early. 🙂 I still miss what I have grown accustomed to, but what can I do? Let’s just say, “My services are no longer required.”


Oh BTW, I came across with this very insightful video from Youtube about overcoming insomnia, thinking too much, etc. Please check it out.  Here’s the link: I am so astounded with the amount of self-help stuff available online from articles to videos.  Praise the Lord for this!

I am already sleepy.  May our heavenly Father watches you and me. 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving everyone!





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