Day 3: Sabbath & Marriage :)

Happy Sabbath!

Praise the Lord for the Sabbath! The week passed by swiftly that I almost lost track of time. Everyday I’d wake up feeling disoriented, staring blankly at the ceiling wondering, “what day is it today?” Then I’d be reciting the days of the week and if while mentioning the day a spark appears then it’s THE day.:) I’m crazy, right? I guess what I’m trying to say is that time flies so swiftly that there’s no way to stop it or slow it down. It just goes on and on and on.

But what if there was no Sabbath day? Oh, that would be so unimaginable! This special day reminds us of God’s great love. Being the “crowning jewel of creation” all are expected to stay put and “do no work for the Sabbath is the Sabbath of the Lord our (thy) God.” Here we are to worship Him, fellowship with other believers, and enjoy an entire day with Him. What a bliss! On this day, I don’t need to worry of any classes to teach, any paperwork to submit to the admin, any household chore to do, or even think too much about *him and the future. It’s a vacation–a stress-free day! What an awesome God we serve!

Well, this beautiful girl here is off to dreamland. I’d love to write more but I better sleep because it’s what my body needs the most after the workout last night and the basketball this afternoon.

P.S. Our beloved pastor and his wife are celebrating their 43rd wedding anniversary today and my mom is celebrating her birthday! Praise God for this events. May God bless them more!

According to our pastor, “Marriage is for life” and it means that we’d be “stuck” with the same person for eternity. I’d love to be “stuck” with someone I love forever!:) He said that you’ll be sharing most activities together even if sometimes the other party doesn’t feel like doing it. However, “the weak is the stronger” because if you say you can do whatever then you’re spouse will leave you alone doing it but if you admit that you need help then he/she will help you and there will be joy because both of you are doing it.:) I just hope and pray that God will grant me a God-fearing and a very patient man. The rest will just follow. 🙂


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