December 7: Father’s Day

Ever wanted something so badly? Something you can’t have? Something you don’t need to have?

I’ve been wanting this pink Swatch watch but everytime payday comes, I’d pay it a visit, thought I’d get it but ended up not getting it. What’s wrong with me? Well, I just don’t think it could be very useful since I already have 3 working watches and one that needs battery change. BUT, “I really want it,” my selfish-self argues. “Yes, you want it but you don’t need it,”sensible me replied.:)

Today, the Social Committee at church hosted an afternoon of “Tribute to Fathers” special program during the afternoon worship. It was eventful. Love abounded in the church today through special music, poems, messages, flowers, kisses, etc. How wonderful it is to see members of the family loving one another! Praise the Lord! I must admit that I missed my dad and what we could’ve had had he stayed for us. Anyway, what’s done is done and I do hope and pray that God would send me someone who can help me grow closer to God and would also help me build a little heaven here on earth for our children.

Sigh. I miss him oh so badly!:( I wish I could have a day with him–at least.

I think I am down with flu. Please heal me dear Master Physician. Amen.


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