December 8: The BUS RIDE to NORMALITY

Going to the hospital,” such was my reply to my friends’ query when they saw me dressing up at 11 o’clock this morning. I have been feeling sick almost the entire week.  This common colds struck me like a thunder that it also gave me a terrible headache and super annoying dry cough. This is terrible! I so miss home.  I miss my entire family taking care of me.  But what do I do now? I am miles and miles away from home.  I need to toughen up for them and of course for myself.


Though apprehensive to go out of the house due to the country’s political situation, I braced myself and left home with my friends.  Maribe went home to her place in Rangsit while Janice and I took a cab to my favorite hospital.  The driver acted weird.  His right hand was on the steering wheel while the left hand was scratching his head.  There were many occassions where both his hands would be on his head! Seriously! Oh, did I mention that it felt like an oven inside the cab.  I just kept quiet and fixed my gaze on the road while praying constantly for God’s protection.  At a stoplight two blocks away from the hospital, instead of turning left, he went straight ahead upon seeing the green light! I got confused.  I tried saying something in Thai softly.  When he was about to make a left on the corner a few meters away from the hospital, he “realized” that the road was closed.  This made him angry.  At the back of my mind, “Oh please, it’s like you didn’t know…you understand Thai and of course you have heard from the radio (traffic advisory) which roads are closed.” He wanted to drop us off somewhere but we refused.  So, he made another turn going back to where the “stoplight” was and made a left from there.  While driving, he went on and on about us getting off wherever because the roads are closed anyway.  Initially, I told him I don’t understand Thai but he still kept talking and talking.  Gggrrr…I almost lost it.  I just prayed earnestly for more patience from God.  My argument was: YOU ARE A CAB DRIVER.  YOU LISTEN TO TRAFFIC ADVISORY.  YOU KNOW WHICH ROADS ARE CLOSED DUE TO THE RALLIES.  YOU KNOW WHERE WE ARE GOING TO.  YOU SHOULD’VE THOUGHT ABOUT THE BEST PLACE TO DROP US OFF.  WHY DO WE HAVE TO SUFFER FROM 1) THE HEAT INSIDE THE CAB 2) YOUR COMPLAINTS 3) BE MAD AT US FOR NOT WANTING TO GET OFF SOMEWHERE FAR FROM OUR DESTINATION? WE ARE THE ONE PAYING YOU.  So, yeah, while we were stuck in traffic few meters away from the hospital, I just told him to drop us off near the footbridge. Yap, that’s right.  There is a footbridge leading to the hospital. He could’ve thought about it, right? He could’ve saved all of us some body cells! 


My dermatologist was happy to see me today.  After three absents, she was surprised looking like “a teenager from a distance” (those are her words).  Apparently, I have lost weight and she noticed it.  She’s happy with my face.  She said it’s really improving and she wants me to start on microdermabrasion and something with PH and SIS at the end next week but the thing is I am planning to go out of town for three weeks due to our Christmas holidays.  Now, I have to make a decision: TRIP or FACE.  What do you think?

After seeing her, I went to see my favorite physician named Dr. Nick.  Like my dermatologist, he was also surprised to see me.  Praise the Lord, it’s not gastro problem this time but common colds.  It was good seeing him.  He’s like a physician/confidante.  After the check-up and diagnosis, we talked about Sense and Sensibility (brought a copy of the book with me to the hospital for waiting time you know :D), Jane Austen, old English language, KJV of the Bible, Christmas plans, California, Myanmar, etc.  I wish more doctors were like him! Some they would just prescribe you medicine and not even discuss the cause of your ailments or the benefits of the medicine he/she is prescribing you.  Hey, how many doctors actually talk to you like a real person and not just a patient? I pray that God will continue to bless his ministry.  He’s one of the best doctors I met!


After seeing the doctors, we had healthy lunch and decided to go check out the white dresses in Pratunam.  I was not really in the shopping mood because I am trying to save my money for the face and for the trip.  But it was still early and I thought it won’t hurt seeing the dresses Janice saw suited for church.  She took me to a mall I haven’t been to.  We saw the dresses and I like them except that they were short.  I like wearing long dresses to church. I feel more comfortable and “church-y”. We went from one shop to another and everytime I see something nice I’d just say, “maybe next month.” However, when we got to see this shop that sells long dresses.  We stopped. I scanned the dresses and I thought they were perfect for church.  After a couple of minutes, I got two. Yeah, two dresses are now added to my church clothes.  Hmmm…


Time came for us to separate ways.  My thoughts were debating inside my head: BUS or CAB.  I wanted to take a cab so badly because I know it will take me home quicker without the random stops everywhere but my battery was dead.  I can’t take a cab without a working phone.  I know the time has come for me to start taking the bus again.  I can feel my head starting to hurt again and I was becoming nervous.  I haven’t taken a bus alone for a long time.  I normally take the cab going to places because sometimes there are 3 or 4 of us going out anyway.  But this time, I was alone.  Janice was taking a different route home.  I toughen myself up and prayed earnestly for God to help me calm and help me ride a bus without any fear.  I even prayed hoping for a familiar face to ride with me. Hehe.  After a long wait, the bus came.  I hopped on and sat on an empty seat right behind an elderly woman.  I prayed.  I sang “Jesus is all the world to me” to calm myself.  I was tired and was falling asleep but I tried fighting it.  I told myself I would blog about the bus ride if I make it home without feeling sick or stressed and by the grace of God, I made it! Praise the Lord!

It’s been a little over an hour after I got home and I am so happy that I took the bus home.  It signifies that I am really better.  I just need to have more faith in God and in myself.  I can do this for “with God all things are possible.” (Matthew 19:26) I thank Him for giving me strength to overcome my fears. (Philippians 4:13)

I made it home right on time to see the sunset.  I wanted to take a photo but my phone was down.  The sunset was, as usual, beautiful.  I saw the big round sun trying to set behind the translucent (?) clouds.  Really! 

Well, it’ 7:02p.m. It’s time to rinse the peeling medicine off my face. God bless everyone!


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