December 9: A Friend NOT FOR SALE

How many of us appreciate someone who checks up on us almost everyday? This year, despite of all my personal worries, has been a real blessing to me. I’ve met wonderful people who are actually willing to stick with me through thick and thin. I’d like to personally thank a dear friend who, no matter how many times I tried to push away, is still here. This friend is like a friend/nurse/parent/confidante/girlfriend rolled into one.:) No offense, but you kind of speak Prada my friend.:) You even know what a concealer is! I am truly blessed that God sent me someone like him. I pray that God will continue to bless him especially his plans for the future and that will continue to strengthen his faith even for the unknown.

Oh, the song “A friend” is for you.

“Someone who shares all my dreams and ambitions,
Someone who likes me as me,
Even though I make mistake,
And never do anything right…”

I am sleepy and I am so bad with lyrics but yes, the song goes pretty much like this…I will “youtube” it later.

Thanks for being a friend, Craiglist.^_^


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