December 10: The Sixth Sense –Common Sense

“Hey, look at where you’re going!”

“Oh man, that is so easy. You just do this.”

“Seriously? You don’t know how to do this?”

“Hahaha. No comment.”

Have you ever heard any of your friends or family members say those lines to you? Or have you ever said those words to other people?

There are days that I leave my common sense at home. Really. I mean I know what I should’ve done but ended up doing something else instead. There are occassions where I let my emotions cloud my judgment. Want me to give you an example? Well, I was at the Rx tonight due a muscle I pulled upon waking up this morning. It’s been terribly painful since I stretched my arm and a friend/suggested that I should go and see a doctor. I wasn’t really excited to see the emergency doctor but I had to accept the fact that he’s the one in-charge. Guess what the diagnosis was? Costochondritis. Whew! Again? Well, it’s the medical term for muscle strain. Then he told me that this is caused by stress, blah blah blah. Of course he saw my chart. I’ve been going to the same hospital since forever. So, he asked if I wanted meds and I told him that as much as possible I would like something topical and not oral. We talked and talked talked and finally he agreed–ointment it is! Upon rising from my seat close to the computer monitor showing my x-ray results, I went to the trash bin and dropped the teeny-tiny plastic seal from the mineral water. Oh, rewind. Upon opening the said bin I saw a label on top of the lid “infectious waste.” Right! Just smart. My brain cells worked rapidly and sent me a signal telling me “bad move.” I dwelt upon that thought for sometime until I decided to see the doctor again and he told me not to worry as it’s nothing airborn. Sigh.

I really got to relax and stop sweating on unimportant things.:)

A friend advised me to get married soon as I am on that stage where life is better when shared with someone you love. I wonder if someone would take me in though. I can be annoying and hard to deal with sometimes.:) But God os gracious….He’ll lead me to someone strong in the faith and in common sense.:)

God bless!^^


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