December 13: What a Blessed Sabbath!


For two weeks, we’ve been nothing but terribly busy at work–students and teachers alike.  Coming towards the end of the semester means finishing all the businesses related to the quarter and getting ready for the upcoming one.  Not a day went by that I didn’t bring any work home.  Seriously! But the million dollar question is, “Did I work with any of those papers?” Absolutely, not! No, please don’t get me wrong, few minutes before going home, I’d be thinking of bring some papers to mark and all but whenever I step inside my super cozy flat, all thoughts about working are soon forgotten.  Know why? Because I’d be thinking of household chores–endless chores and of course, my desire to read a book. 🙂 So today while waiting for something with my colleagues at the Front Office, one of my close colleagues said, “What do we do now? We’ve been soooo busy and then all of a sudden we’re not busy anymore. What do we do?” Well, I understand her point.  You see, we were so caught up with our workload that we barely had time to eat or rest and then now that we’re done with everything, what do we do? Nothing.  Nothing because for three weeks we can enjoy our hard earned holidays! Three weeks off! How cool is that! But before I get too excited I’d like to talk about my weekly holiday, the Sabbath day!

Hmmm…I wonder what life would be without Sabbath.  Unimaginable.  I am so glad that I don’t have to worry about going to work everyday, that I don’t have to do my chores everyday.  Isn’t that a blessing? One day each week I have the liberty to enjoy a sweet fellowship with other believers.  One day each week I get to relax and do nothing but praise God through singing songs, listening to sermons, taking active part in church activities, play music with my pals, and most of all, commune with my Father! Isn’t that awesome? Isn’t that something to look forward to? Oh, what a blessing! Attending vespers every Friday evening is another blessing that I always look forward to.  Just the thought that I’d be able to worship with God’s children whom I consider my family here in Thailand is beyond what I can be grateful for.  Did I mention about the sumptuous meal that we devour after breaking God’s word? What a lovely evening!

Praise God for the Sabbath day! Thank You Lord for the Sabbath!

I am off to dreamland. 🙂 



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