December 15: New Life

My regular weekly schedule since September this year has been like this:
Mon-Fri- work
Sat- church

Normally, I’d take the cab to and fro the hospital but today I felt like taking a bus. Had Janice and I left home early, we could’ve taken a bus to the hospital and avoided a cab driver who didn’t know where we were going to and relied on us, foreigners, as his navigator. But the “date” has to be prioritized so…

After the hospital business, we wanted to go to a mall. Unfortunately, we hopped on to the wrong bus, which is completely my fault. (I’ve been here in BKK for almost three years but I am still a novice in bus transportation.:( So we got off somewhere in Sukhumvit Road and waited for bus 40. We waited and waited and after what seemed to be an eternity to me, the bus came. Around 20-30 mins before my destination I felt parched so I got off somewhere near Ram Big C and bought a bottle of water. Then I waited and waited and finally bus 4-2came. Two-three minutes passed and I was getting ready to post something online when suddenly I noticed our vehicle sort of collided with another bus thus hitting its side mirror. We were asked to get off from our bus and moved to another bus.

Lesson learned:
Always be alert.
God cares and takes care of you and me.


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