December 16: A Blessed Mission Trip to Ratchaburi

“Dear Lord, please wake me up early tomorrow so I can make it to the six o’ clock trip to Ratchaburi. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.” This was my prayer last night. I know that what I was asking was an extra special favor knowing that it was already a little past midnight when I went to bed. But God in His grace and mercy woke me up at 5am today feeling rested and ready to embark on my day’s journey. Praise the Lord!

Highlights of the Day:
1. Visit to an orphanage–gave them goods and chitchatted with the people there:) I even sang a song to a 16 months old child, “God is good to me and “Read your Bible, pray everyday.”
2. Dropped by at Scenery Vintage Farm–fed the sheep, took lots of photos, ate ewe cream (sheep ice cream), climbed up and down the hill, etc.
3. Ate the sweetest pineapple I ever tasted in months!
4. Stopped at a random place called Suan Pheung:) Got amused with different wax artworks and sent postcards to loved ones
5. Arrived home earlier than expected. Praise God!

Wants some photos?:)






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