#5: The Cinderella in Me:)

Dust here, dust there
Move this, move that
Sweep here, sweep there
Wash this, wash that


Keep this or let go?

Believe it or not but cleaning is one of my favorite chores. I like moving around furniture, rearranging stuff, and giving my room a new, fresh look. My friends can actually attest to that.:)

The 3-week holiday is now officially over and tomorrow we have to go back to work. The fun, lazy days are over! No more traveling, pig-ging out, shopping, going to bed late, waking up late, sightseeing, endless picture taking, and spending a day in a bookstore for me until the Songkran holidays. Yes, holidays because we have ten days off in April. I had great fun this vacation that I am super energized to work. I actually miss my students. I miss going to work and teaching my students. Third quarter, here I come!

I had to do my general cleaning today because I didn’t have a choice. As I mentioned earlier, work begins tomorrow so I only had today to clean. I am not even done yet. I still have laundry to do. I wasn’t able to wash everything. But I’m glad I “updated” my clothes and shoes. I gave away some stuff again including some of my memorabilias. As Jason said, I’ll be fine.:) And I believe him. I will try my best to make use of what I have and not shop for any dresses, shoes, and books until…summer (?). Wow! I hope I can manage. I am trying to save up for something very special this year and I pray it will be materialized by God’s grace.:) So, yeah, I was contemplative while cleaning today. If I could go on weeks with just a backpack of 3-5 shirts, 2 pants, and 1 Sabbath dress then that means I can totally survive the year with what I have accumulated over two years here, right? Next stuff I am letting go will be my collection of notebooks, pens, and stationeries. Oh! Just the thought of giving them away is grieving me. But it’s okay. God blesses. I know the recepients need them more than I do. Oh, before they go I have to let go of some kitchen utensils. I will just try to keep at least 2 pairs of plates, bowls, spoons, forks, etc. Everything just good for two. I live alone anyway. What if visitors come? We’ll use paper plates.:) My books and stuff toys are definitely staying with me till I leave. However, there’s this online thing that I want to join. It involves reading a book and then when you’re done with it you can mail it to the next person who wants to read it. It sounds fun! Then if there’s a book you want to read you can sort of “request” for it on the site and if you’re lucky someone will send it to you. It’s like “Sisterhood of Traveling Pants” only that it’s a book and not pants. Are you familiar with what I am talking about?

Anyway, this letting go and saving is part of my “Help Save Mother Earth” project. I’ve generously gifted myself with whatever affordable stuff I can think of and I think I am being stingy on myself if I start keeping the money than shopping, right? So, cheers to a Thrifty 2014! This year I will try to live with what I already have and let go of what I don’t really need. It’d be nice to own just a suitcase full of all that you need except the kitchen wares.:) I am thinking of letting go of my kitchen table, shoe rack, TV set, and DVD player. This condo unit I am staying at has a kitchen table already and since I am alone I don’t actually need the other one. The shoe rack? It’s fairly new. I just bough it two months ago but I don’t like the smell of the wood. My nose is very sensitive. My friends can’t smell any wood scent but I do.:( Now, I don’t know where to put my ____ pairs of shoes! The TV set and DVD player? Well, I don’t watch TV. I haven’t been watching. There’s only one TV show that I watch once in a while but it’s only available online. The DVD player? I haven’t been watching movies. If I do, I just go and watch online which happens rarely.

How about you? What are your plans for this year 2014? I am excited to know.

Anyway, I should get going. God bless and take care! Love lots. Gotta go to work before 8am tomorrow.:)


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