#6: Count Your Blessings

Sometimes we get too caught up with all our worries in life that we tend to neglect the “little” blessings we receive from God. Let me enumerate some of the day’s blessings:
1) Happy to see colleagues and friends after 3 weeks off
2) Realization that I desire nothing but to be in the ministry
3) Share what I have
4) Being responsible in paying bills
5) Abundance of fruits and veggies
6) J Co. & Purple Oven cake from Ms Edith’s fam
7) Pulvoron from friends who came back from PH
8) Movie time with pals–Lesson learned: Just be yourself 🙂
9) Special dinner with friends at our dear pastor’s house. They have been overly spoiling us with love, care, prayer, and sumptuous meals!:)
10) Meaningful and godly conversations with Jason
11) Baby roaches that make me crazy cleaning this and that ENDLESSLY!
12) The assurance that God will always take care of us as recorded in Psalm 121.

Good night & God bless!:)

P.S. A reply from Ate Delle brought a smile to my face tonight. Praise the Lord!


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