#13: Not So Ordinary Holiday

Dear You,

Can we just forgive and forget? I am getting tired of all this drama.  I want to live a peaceful and comfortable life and for that to happen we have to start communicating better and accept each other for who and what we are.  Besides, this drama does not only affect the two of us but also the people around us.  


Let’s talk–just you and me.

Sincerely yours,



I wish the political unrest here in Thailand can be patch up with just a cup of hot chocolate at S&P or maybe a frap at Starbucks so things will go back to normal.  I just come back from a three-week holiday and a day off after four days of work does not sound very alluring at all. I have my own set goals for the quarter and I don’t want us to fall behind the schedule.  I want my full Songkran holidays and summer holidays–no addition, no subtraction.  I just like it the way it is.  

Today I chose to get up from my bed late in the morning.  I decided to hug my bolster pillow until my stomach growls and told me to get up.  It was already past ten in the morning when I started to get moving.  Why? It’s a holiday, anyway.  However, the uncertainties of life especially as a resident of Bangkok where the “Shutdown” is happening slowly crept into my being.  What if this happens? Or that happens? Despite of my fear to go out of the house, I still went out only to find out that our school offices are actually open. Wow! Yes, there was no traffic in the morning, few people at the grocery store and on the streets, but seeing my colleagues actually took my fear away.  While making my way from aisle to aisle of the grocery store, I told myself that I will just enjoy the day as if nothing serious is happening in the country.  I’ve been praying for God’s guidance and protection and it’s time to surrender everything, claim His promise of protection and live a normal life.  

When I got home I didn’t know what to do.  I was thinking of continuing my reading but I just couldn’t be still.  Finally, I turned my antique white Macbook and went to Youtube without anything in mind.  When I opened the page, a movie in front of me called “Accidentally In Love” flashed before my eyes.  I saw it was a little more than an hour long so I clicked it and started watching it.  Towards the end of the movie I got an invitation to go out and I am glad I did.  It was good to breathe fresh air and have a change of scenery.  Oh, I also got my soft dark chocolate brownie cookies! I enjoyed the sweet company of our dear pastor and his wife.  They’re like my parents here.  We went to two grocery stores, came back home, and cooked dinner.  I am happy that I was able to help out in the cooking especially in frying the milk fish. Hahaha.  I might have burnt some and smelled like fried fish but it’s still good.  

Now, I am back to my place but there is still something I need to do before I hit the hay.  I don’t want to do it but I need to do it so help me God.

Good night and God bless!



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