#14: Matt Mitchum

It’s been a while since I seriously watched a movie.  I mean paid attention in every single detail.  Normally, I’d put up a movie from youtube when I am cleaning my place especially mopping the floor or perhaps folding clothes.  Thinking I’d do those late this afternoon, I went to youtube again and looked for one.  No particular movie popped up in my brain so I just clicked on whatever I thought was a “nice” one to watch as suggested by the said website.  Guess what I clicked? “The Bachelor”. Yes, that’s right.  I know I watched it a long time ago but I couldn’t really remember any element (character, setting, plot, etc.) from that movie.  So, I got right on my chores esp. in the kitchen area and by the time I finished the movie was about halfway done (?), I can’t remember.  I tuned in a bit then continued moving.  It was an OK movie actually.  Renee Zellweger’s acting as Annie in that movie reminded me of her Bridget Jones’ movies.  Very similar! Oh, especially on that scene when she looked at Jimmy (Chris O’ Donnell) for the first time at a restaurant. Anyway, I am not here to write a review on that movie. 🙂

Proceeding now to the main point of this entry…


After that movie, I wasn’t done with my chores yet so I decided to watch another one.  After five to ten minutes of searching, I was finally directed to “A Very Merry Mix Up”.  The title itself suggested it was going to be another Hallmark Christmas movie and I was not wrong. 🙂 Oh, my eyes were literally glued on the screen from the beginning to the end that I completely neglected my clothes lying on my bed.  Sorry. 🙂 I am not trying to be a racist here or anything but I really enjoy watching western movies especially American ones that show family traditional values.  I am not sure if most Americans or Westerners still practice the importance of spending quantity and quality time together.  I especially like how people still go home to spend holidays or weekends with their folks despite of their busy schedules and the distance away from home.  I really like it.  Well, we also do this in the Philippines. (To be continued) But before I go let me just say that I really like Matt Mitchum in this movie.  I like a guy who is very family-centered and enjoys spending time away from technology. 🙂 

Someone calling…got to go! God bless!


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