#16: Meet The Ombaos at 117

“Hmm, I did not post anything last night” I talked to myself while busy mopping my floor.  “What if I start writing about other people like a ‘profile and human interest feature’? I can probably write about our dear pastor’s passion for cooking for my first entry” I thought.  However, since this is the first post, I am going to talk about him and his wife.:-) This is the first draft so please bear with me.  I am basically half-asleep but I don’t want to let go of this thought.


“Uncle William” or “Lolo Pastor” as fondly called by close friends and church members is our dear pastor here at RISDAC.  He and his wife, Aunty Nitz came last July to be volunteers at our church.  Ever since their arrival, they’ve been nothing but a wonderful blessing to us.  They are so warm and accommodating.  They welcome everyone as if he or she is a family member.

I remember my first encounter with them. It was July last year and I was at the caf looking for something to eat.  I overheard someone addressing Uncle William as Pastor Ombao.  As a member of the church board then, my ears flapped hearing the name.  “That name sounds very familiar,” I thought.  “Oh yes, he must be our new pastor! He must be the one that my dear friend, Ambe, met back in the Philippines.  I quickly approached them and introduced myself.  From that day onwards, we’ve been “families.” I know I could just deliberately use the word “friends” but to me they are my family here, too.

(Forgive me.  So sleepy here. To be continued)


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