#20: A Diary of a Teacher

As a teacher, one thing that really gets me is seeing students’ act as if everything in this world is free, that they don’t have to work hard or anything.  I have a couple of students who just don’t care at all and it burdens me so much.  I care a lot and here they are, they can’t just be bothered.  I have been very patient with them.  I’ve tried a lot of different techniques just to get them to care, to work. There were days that they would but there are more days that they don’t.  What do I do? Most of them are graduating this year while the rest next year. Sigh.  Oh, I am so tired. 

Sometimes it just hurts when despite of all the work you put in, they just ignore everything.  What about their future? What about their parents’ sacrifices? 😦

Lord, please grant me more patience, understanding, and the will to help them more. Amen. 






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