I Speak “Bon Appetit!”

“Je suis une femme.”

Learning French was never on my list (pardon me for saying so French-speaking people). Yes, it sounds beautiful. It actually sounds like a lullaby to me that listening to people speaking it can make me fall asleep. (Oh, I remember the French nationals a friend and I shared a cabin with on the train in Vietnam.  Gorgeous people!)  However, I was discouraged to learn it after hearing my linguistics professor back in the graduate school mention that French words are pronounced differently from Filipino (my native language) or Spanish (where most Filipino words come from).

But January 31 came…

I signed up for a language course online–learning Spanish. Then I scrolled down a bit and thought, “Maybe I should learn a few French words.” So, I signed up for that course and started it tonight.

After Day 1 of Basic French: Yes, French is indeed a beautiful yet a challenging language to learn.  BUT I am on it!

What did I learn tonight?

“Je suis une femme.” 🙂


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