Just Another Monday

Haha I barely survived both lessons in French and Spanish tonight.  For some reasons, my mind hasn’t adjusted to all these feminine and masculine nouns plus the conjugations.  Sigh.  I’ll try to do better tomorrow.  I better get some rest.  

What did I learn today?


Yo soy no hombre. LOL. Is that even correct?

I am not a man.

I also learned that “you’re welcome” can be translated in three ways: eres bienvenido, eres bienvenida, and de nada (which is the most common).


l’homme, la pomme, est, riche, etc.

I am still with the basics. Sigh. Still confused with the le and the la. Poor me.

Spanish is indeed easier to learn but I am determined to keep going with French, too. 


Anyway, it’s been a good day.  Work was good. I praise God for helping me survive the day despite the headache and all. Besides, it’s payday.  I pigged out with a friend at Sizzler’s.  We super duper enjoyed the salad bar!^_^


Dreamland is calling.  Good night and God bless!




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