Happy Me

How old am I? Well? most of you already know that. But at 11 this morning I wasn’t able to control myself from jumping for joy. I was soooo happy and relieved that it felt as though a big lump on my throat has been removed. Praise the Lord! Sometimes it pays to be so bold knowing that God is right behind you.

I thought of celebrating because of it but my God already prepared the “it” for me through His kind and generous children here on earth, Pastor & Mrs. Ombao.

Truly when it rains, it pours for blessings upon blessings keep coming my way. Glory be to God! My to-do-list for the week seems to be growing longer while I cross out some, new things actually come up. Sigh. God is wonderful.

Anyway, this gal is off to dreamland. I pray not to dream about banquets, programs, souvenirs, and speeches for sleep means rest–no thinking for 7 hrs. at least.:)

God bless and nytie!


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