Post Valentine Post

Praise God for this extra special season of love!

Despite of the hectic schedule this week, I was still able to enjoy the V-Day with people close to my heart.:)

Our church, RISDAC, decided to go on a family retreat in Rayong this Valentine Weekend. We left the church vicinity at a little past 7am then went to Silver Lake in Pattaya. There we had fantastic time taking photos and enjoying the scenery. Then we proceeded to Jomtien Beach where I played in the water with kids, ate lunch with generous people;) (Praise the Lord for divine providence!) and laid on the sand under the scorching heat of the sun (waaaa reminds me of the good old days exploring around unknown lands). After Pattaya we drove to Rayong, checked-in at our hotel, went for a special activity planned by the deacons. Dinner followed then vespers then bedtime!;)

Sabbath worship started as early as 6am and ended at a little past 9pm due to various activities done like baptism, Manna-to-Go, and Cultural Night Banquet.;) Guess what’s my favorite part of the day? Baptism at the beach! Praise God for two new special souls who accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour! I also like the cultural night where I looked like…


Stunning, right?;) It was absolutely fun emceeing with friends tonight. 😀

I am super sleepy. Good night and God bless!

P.S. Our pastor and wife posed a challenge for us singles this year. Hmmmm. Will I meet HIM this year? Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.


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