Post Retreat Thoughts: On Marriage


After three days of great fun with people from church, I am back to my pad–alone. Alone with my thoughts. Alone with my cough (acquired from the trip). Alone with my tanner skin. Alone with reality. I am back to reality. Sadly.

How I miss the endless conversations filled with joys and laughters with my close chums, the hectic schedule of events, the sight of kids playing around, the angelic music sang and played by various music groups, the inspiring and spiritually feeling messages, the sweet fellowship with other children of God, etcetera. Need I mention about loving couples and caring families?

This weekend retreat gave me the chance to look at marriage and family differently. While the accommodation committee were busy calling out names and handing out keys…

Kuya Toto: Gerald & Ching, Jesher & Elvira, Jayson & Marj, Kakai & Miguel, Jong & Jasmin…

I was also busy thinking. Wow! Indeed God intended for man to be with someone! Each couple received their keys, got their luggage and drifted away into the unknown.:) I wondered, ”

How did they know they were supposed to be with the ones they are with? Let alone build a home with?

But as we all know there’s no specific book here on earth listing who’s who for who.:) But I believe God has in heaven.;) Going back to the question, “How do we know?” Yes, there’s the given answer: PRAY about it. Is praying enough since “faith without work is dead”? I have read, researched, listened to sermons, attended seminars, etc. regarding this topic (to which I have learned a lot of lessons) but still this “thing” looks pretty vague for me. I wonder who he is, where he is, his favorite food/book/sports/music/activity…Is he someone patient and understanding? I don’t know. However, one thing is for sure though: I know the type of person I want to be with and I am praying night and day to be the type of person I want to be with. Hmmm…Did I make myself clear? I mean if I want to be with someone who meets his appointments on time then I should always be on time, right? If I want someone who is Christ-centered then I should be too. 🙂 Marriage is not a joke and it’s a lifetime commitment. Pretty scary, huh? There’s no undo button. Once you’re married then you’re married for eternity. I feel sad for people whose marriages suffered because of this and that. I wished my own parents learnt to accept their differences and stood by each other. But they did not.:(( As my late grandfather used to say, “The only permanent thing in this world is change,” there is no guarantee for marriages to succeed. However, the good news is according to the children’s song “When Jesus is in the family, happy, happy home.” Relationships should be Christ-centered. It is only because of Him and through Him that we can be more loving, caring, and forgiving of others. It is through His mercy and grace that our characters are changed. I am at the point in my life where…

“Shiela & Portia, Maribe & Vish, Cess & Shane, Salve & Lanie, Janice & Hearty…”

“Wait, that’s us!” I told my friends. Puff goes my train of thoughts!



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