Recuperating from The Fault in Our Stars

“You don’t get to choose if you get hurt in this world, old man, but you do have some say in who hurts you. I like my choices. I hope she likes hers.

I do, Augustus.
I do.”


In my English 9 class, one of my students asked if she could read this book instead of Jane Eyre. I skimmed through the book and found out some words and scenes “not suitable for young audiences.” So I told her maybe she could read when she is older. (Big Grin) That was months ago.

Then in my journalism class, another student asked the same thing as we were writing book reviews. I gave her the same answer I gave my grade nine student. She’s still reading “Lord of the Flies.” That was like a month ago.

Then one day, over Facebook I found out that a friend just started reading that book. She knows that I love reading books so she recommended that I read “Proofs of Heaven.” I got an iPad and started downloading books including what she recommended. That was a week ago.

At around 1P.M. here at my teeny-tiny, messy nest, I found myself laying my tired back on my unmade bed reading “The Fault in Our Stars.” After four chapters, I got dizzy that I had to put the ebook down. I rested a bit then continued reading and from that time on I continued reading whenever I had time to spare and at four-something this afternoon I was able to finally finish it.

Thoughts about the book:
*This is the first book that I literally had to check the dictionary for unfamiliar words. Man, it is so full of adjectives! I loved it!
*I was never that philosophical when I was a teenager but Hazel and Augustus were!:) Awesome.
*Their illnesses didn’t hinder them from loving. I am the typical I-don’t-want-to-get-my-heart-broken chick that as long as I can help myself for falling I would if I could. I guess it’s time to open my heart and just love.:)
*Families are families and they will always be there. I couldn’t agree any less.
*Death is inevitable but life is too precious so live it wisely.

What a sad book!

Anyway, I salute John Green for coming up with a book as extraordinary as this! But should they decide to print more copies I wish would he would delete swear words especially those containing God’s name (not plenty anyway).;)

I really enjoyed reading this book and for sure I’ll read this again!

There’s just so much love in this book! This reminds me of A Walk to Remember. Great book, too!

Well, ciao for now. Exercise time!












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