Keep Smiling:-)

There comes a point in our lives when…

Erase, erase. Hmmm. Think.

I’ve been sitting here in front of my computer for about an hour now thinking of some intelligible quote to post here and there but nothing comes, it’s all tabula rasa now. Well, it’s not completely blank because I am still in stuck in the world of pink.  Haha. For some reasons, pink is my new color blue. How did that happen? I’d like to believe that long, long time ago in a far, far away land there was a man who tried mixing colors to come up with pink.  He put this and that including BLUE.  So, before pink became pink like what we see now, it actually came from BLUE.  This is what I call BLUE-PINK evolution. LOL. 

I know I’m crazy.  That’s what happens when one has spent a super busy weekend with other homo sapiens since Friday until Sunday afternoon that when Sunday night comes life is back to reality–staring at the ceiling, examining every corner of the room, wandering what else could be done before one finally hits the hay.

Well, it’s 9:30p.m. I should be getting ready to bed.  I am still feeling hyper but my iPad is still charging which means I cannot continue reading the Summer series yet.  I finished book 1 today and I hope to finish book 2 around Wednesday then start the 3rd and final series of that book on that day.  This Summer series is making me want to jump in the pool or go to a nearby beach.  Oh! How I love swimming! Swimming in the shallow waters.  Anyway, I better go and find get ready for bed.

Point of this post:

Stay optimistic and focus only on the goodness of the Lord.


There comes a point in our lives when…

all you have to do is surrender and trust God.

all you can do is smile and rise above every unpleasant circumstance in your life.


There comes a point in our lives when…

someone smiles at you and you’re left with no choice but to SMILE back. 


Praise God for this gift of life and people around of us!



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