The Field Trip

I am actually feeling quite accomplished right now.  I just finished reading Anna and the French Kiss, my 3rd YA book in ten days (I read The Fault in Our Stars and The Summer I Turned Pretty).  Well, I am taking a break from the classic world and I can’t believe the abundance of unfamiliar words I met these past few days! Thanks iBooks for the ready dictionary!^_^ Now, my mind is telling me to go and find a new book to read. 🙂 Enough of this reading journey, Shiela.  

How was your day? 

The high school and middle school went on a field trip today and the entire high school went to Dream World! I didn’t expect it to super enjoy it but I did.  Thank You, Lord! I got splashed in the Super Splashed and left the ride area soaking wet, carrying my shoes that I took off prior to the ride.  Then soaked again in the Grand Canyon.  I went for a drive in the Antique Car.  I was actually hesitant to drive alone but seeing no one familiar around the vicinity, I just went for it.  I also got bumped a thousand times in the Bumper Car.  I have been wanting to take that ride but I let my fear of being bumped got the best of me.  But today was about “Living Life to the Fullest” and so with a couple of colleagues, I went.:-) We also went for the Monorail, 4D Adventure, and Giant House with them.  I had great fun!  I also stuffed myself with amusement park foods like grilled corn, Magnum ice cream, and KFC fish burger.  Cool, right? It was wonderful feeling like a kid again, hanging out with my students outside my four-cornered classroom.



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